Friday, December 7, 2012

Bo Grabs the Spotlight Again on 2012 White House Holiday Card

The 2012 White House Holiday Card
First dog Bo Obama will once again be featured center stage on the annual White House holiday card, it was announced today. This year’s card was designed by artist Larassa Kabel of Des Moines, Iowa, who creates photorealistic prints, paintings and drawings, among other types of work. Ms. Kabel painted the scene based on a photo of a younger Bo romping across the White House grounds in 2010, one of the snowiest winters in Washington history. Bo was also featured on last year's White House card in a beautiful scene before a warm and friendly White House fireplace. Last year's card caused Sarah Palin and other leading Republicans to criticize the President for circulating a card that featured the family's pet "instead of traditions like 'family, faith and freedom.'" That criticism looked slightly foolish when it was revealed that several recent Republican presidents prominently featured their dogs on the White House card as well. Of course, none of those dogs were half as cute as Bo.

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