Friday, December 4, 2015

President Obama and Crew Light the National Christmas Tree to Kick Off the Season

President Obama and his "crew" were on hand in Presidents' Park last evening to officially light the National Christmas Tree and kick off the 2015 holiday season. The annual tree-lighting ceremony dates back to 1923, when President Calvin Coolidge lit a tree furnished by the District of Columbia Public Schools. This rich tradition has continued unabated for 93 years since then, under Republicans and Democrats, and in good times and bad. Of course, there have been changes. For example, the location has moved back and forth between the Ellipse on the Southern side of the White House to Lafayette Park opposite the Northern Portico. In recent years, the National Christmas Tree has remained in Lafayette Park. The style of lighting has also changed, from old-fashioned light bulbs to energy efficient LEDs. But the spirit of Christmas remains bright and alive, and this year's ceremony offered some much-needed hope during difficult times.

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