Monday, January 2, 2012

Enjoy Your New Year ... TTFN

With another holiday season now safely behind us, and a very important presidential election season beginning tomorrow night in Iowa, this blog will now begin a long winter's nap. I may post an occasional item now and then over the next ten or eleven months, but I don't plan to add very much until sometime in November, by which time my 2012 holiday CD should be at least partially completed. I want to thank those other holiday music enthusiasts whose websites and blogs have introduced me to music and artists that were unfamiliar to me, and whose enthusiasm and holiday spirit have proven to be extremely contagious. I've listed some of my favorite holiday music blogs in the right-hand column, and there are dozens of similar blogs that I've also enjoyed over the past several years. They can serve as a good antidote to the contentiousness and rancor that seem to have infected our politics and public debate. Best wishes to all for a happy and healthy 2012, and let's hope we can restore some measure of goodwill, honesty and civility to our political system during this upcoming campaign. As Bruce Springsteen reminds us, "Nobody wins unless everybody wins." So long, for now!

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