Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Help Support Jingle Bell Rocks, The Movie

Filmmaker and admitted Christmas music fanatic Mitchell Kezin has spent a good portion of the past few years working on his latest project, a film called Jingle Bell Rocks. It is, in his words, "a trippy, cinematic sleigh ride into the strange and sublime universe of alternative and underground Christmas music." Mitchell's been a Christmas music enthusiast ever since he discovered a copy of the all-but-forgotten Miles Davis classic Blue Xmas in the cut-out bin of a nearby used records store. That led him on a search for similarly off-beat and overlooked seasonal songs, and the more he discovered, the more curious he became about the meaning and background of each individual track. Jingle Bell Rocks aims to look behind the curtain at the collectors, critics, artists and producers of this very special type of music. It features interviews with a wide range of players, including Andy Cirzan, John Waters, Dr. Demento, Clarence Carter and more. The following preview helps give you a better idea of what the film is all about: 

As you might imagine, making such a film is not only an ambitious undertaking, but a costly one as well. Kezin is nearly done with filming, but he needs additional seed money to finish the production and pay the fees associated with using many of the key tracks. If you're in a position to consider providing even a small amount of financial support, please check out the filmmaker's fundraising campaign appeal. It's not every day you get a chance to get a piece of a major motion picture and help spread the holiday spirit at the same time!

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