Sunday, November 23, 2014

Daniel Mark Baird's "Hey Santa" Offers a Catchy New Christmas Sound

As I mentioned toward the end of last season, this blog's readership increased nearly ten-fold last year, which I find both exciting and daunting. One of the fringe benefits of the higher profile is that I now receive a pretty steady stream of original new holiday songs from a variety of professional and amateur artists and performers. Unfortunately, it's not possible to review or even post all of the wonderful stuff I've been receiving. There's just too much of it, and the principal purpose of this blog is to provide information about the contents of my simple little holiday mixes. But that doesn't mean it's not appreciated, and I'll do my best to post some of these unsolicited submissions from time to time.

Five or six weeks ago, for example, I received a digital single called "Hey Santa" from Daniel Mark Baird, a singer/songwriter from Granger, Indiana. Baird's overall style is an appealing blend of country rock, although "Hey Santa" has more of a pop feel to it, which fits well with this festive season. It's nice upbeat record, and the other day I discovered it's now been released as a music video, which I'm pleased to share here:

"Hey Santa" is currently featured on the PlayNetwork, which provides music to various retail establishments. It will be nice to hear something new in the stores and malls this season! It's also available on iTunes, amazon MP3 and GooglePlay, and it's in regular rotation on Radio Santa Claus, the popular European streaming station. It's refreshing to hear something new for the holidays, isn't it? Thanks to Mark and his wife, Mary, for sharing it.

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