Thursday, November 27, 2014

My Latest Holiday Mix Is Now Available for Your Listening Pleasure

My latest holiday mix Is There Really a Santa Claus? — is now available for a limited time on my holiday music website …  just in time to serve as the soundtrack for tomorrow's "Black Friday" shopping mall adventures. Like my dozen or more previous mixes, this year's collection contains a grab bag of Christmas carols, holiday songs and comedy designed to kick-off your year-end festivities and conjure up just the right amount of Christmas spirit. I've been making these holiday mixes for nearly 15 years now and sending them in CD form to family and friends as my seasonal greeting card. Because I have a relatively diverse and eclectic group of friends and relatives, I try to include a wide array of material on each CD. Most of my mixes contain traditional carols; rock, soul and country tunes; film, TV and radio clips, and the occasional splash of vintage audio and cultural ephemera. You'll also find a few musical train wrecks — "songs" that will transform that third pitcher of egg nog from overindulgence to necessity. These are the tracks I love most.

For more information about this year's mix as well as mixes from previous years, visit my holiday music website at www.marksholidaymixcds.net

Starting tomorrow, I'll be posting a little background information about each of the tracks in my latest collection right here on this blog. Happy holidays, everyone!

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