Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Robby the Elf Offers Lots of Christmas Crunk

Robby the Elf bills himself as "the world's first musician to exclusively record Christmas rap music," in a style he calls "Christmas Crunk." What is it exactly? Well, Robby describes Christmas Crunk as "like Eminem spent the holidays at Jazzy Jeff's. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's serious, but it's always hip hop and it's always Christmas." Originally from Upstate South Carolina, Robby the Elf has been recording Christmas Crunk for over a decade now in an effort to spread a positive message. “I realize that the holidays are not always happy times,” he explains. “It brings sadness as well. I merely desire to help those less fortunate. That's what Christ did and Saint Nicholas also. I don't expect to be compared to those two, but I want to do my part. If I can bring a smile to a sick child's face, or ease sorrow in someone elderly, then I consider that a success.” Love him or hate him, Robby the Elf’s mission is also to spread awareness about the repression of elves, showing people that elves are an important part of maintaining a positive holiday spirit. “My goal is to have everyone to hear my music so that someday, each Christmas Eve, every child will also leave, a cookie for an elf.” He's certainly prolific. You can hear some of his creations on his website, Facebook page or via CD Baby.

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