Friday, December 4, 2015

Deck those Halls, Part 2 (Tracks 4-6)

We've just started to examine the 42 songs on my latest holiday mix, Deck those Halls, and being that this is only the second installment in our series, the spotlight today is on Tracks 4 through 6 -- three cute little clips that we can handle with dispatch. Don't believe me? Just watch . . .

Track 6
Merry Christmas, Loopy Lu, by The Kaisers (2003)

I cant remember where I first heard this song, but I know that for at least a year I was under the impression that it was at least 20 years old and that The Kaisers were a very talented American band from the 1960s or thereabouts. Well, they're not. They're a successful and talented Scottish beat band formed in 1992 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Known for their lengthy and amazingly energetic shows, The Kaisers recorded six albums before disbanding in 2002. "Merry Christmas, Loopy Lu" is a fun,pop-style tune that really does seem to have come from a different age, don't you think? I've listened to a number of their other records now, and they certainly were good.

Track 5
Christmas Is Great, by Gentlemen on Escalators (2014)
This is another song I discovered on Stubby's House of Christmas, where it earned barely a mention: 
"Gentlemen On Escalatorssingle is stupid and yet... "
That was it -- well, those few words and a download link. Yet such is the power of Stubby's that even the least consequential offhand mention can yield results. I have to agree with Stuibby's assessment. This is a stupid little song, and yet there's something powerful in its simple and straightforward assertion. I haven't heard anything else by the group, but I have a strong feeling that I wouldn't like it if I did. For the fith track of this year's mix, however, they're perfect.

Track 4
Holiday Greetings from the Producers of Tarzan
I have no idea where this track came from, either, but it cracks me up all the same. The announcer sounds like it could be Johnny Carson. What do you think?

We'll be back tomorrow with more. Hope to see you then. 

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