Wednesday, December 16, 2015

These Holiday Tunes Are OUTRAGEOUS!

What is it about us that simply loves being outraged about one thing or another? The feeling goes way back in time and typically gets expressed in connection with trivial matters and the expressions of marginal groups, who, in a deliciously ironic twist, are usually strengthened by the dunderheads who try to silence them. That's the standard set-up in this country anyway. In less tolerant lands, the blasphemers are often shot before anyone can debate the issue. But we'd rather shake and swoon in our affected indignity. Today's post features a short piece about five holiday songs that sparked significant outrage among various constituencies. Of course you and I know it's barely scratched the surface. You want to hear outrageous? Come back after you've listened to 20 minutes of Wing, or William Hung!


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  2. Hey, leave William Hung alone. That album's a classic.