Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Obamas Light the National Christmas Tree for the Final Time

President Obama and his treasonous army of Kenyan-born socialists apparently called a truce in their shameful War on Christmas Thursday evening in order to allow the President to light the National Christmas Tree:

Of all the hateful lies perpetrated against President Obama, the charge that he's anti-Christmas is among the most preposterous. This year marks the eighth Christmas the Obamas have celebrated in the White House, and they sure seem to be animated by the holiday spirit each and every time. If you want to get real about things, using federal resources to celebrate Jesus's birth would seem to be a clear violation of the Establishment Clause in our Constitution's First Amendment. If the price for this violation involves replacing seven of ten "Merry Christmas" greetings with "Happy Holidays," I'm not sure that amounts to a "war" on Christmas in any sense of the word. Merry Christmas to the Obama Family, who have maintained the various White House holiday traditions and done us all proud.

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