Tuesday, December 12, 2017

It's Christmas Time Again, Part 3

Today we look at the next three tunes on my 2017 holiday mix, titled It's Christmas Time Again! 

Track 9
Holiday Message from President and Mrs. Barack Obama (2016)
To hear a good many Republicans tell it, the Obama Family was on the front lines of the War Against Christmas throughout their entire tenure as the nation's First Family. Not only did the President and First Lady stubbornly refuse to use the word Christmas themselves, but they somehow outlawed its use by others as well. Of all the bilge peddled by the Right during the past decade, the fictional War on Christmas has got to be among the craziest lies of all. In truth, of course, the Obamas threw themselves into the Christmas scene each year and seemed to enjoy every minute of it. Track 9 is a brief excerpt from the President's eighth annual Christmas message in December 2016 (Listen HERE.). It sure doesn't sound like someone conducting a war against Christmas. And despite what you may have heard, the Obamas frequently wished people a "Merry Christmas." You'd have to be crazy or stupid to think otherwise.

Track 8
Let It Snow, Mark Jonathan Davis as Lt. Hikaru Sulu (1995)
Mark Jonathan Davis is a Los Angeles-based actor, writer, singer and radio producer who sometimes performs under the name Richard Cheese. Davis has released nearly 20 albums as Cheese over the past couple of years, mostly with his band, Lounge Against the Machine. In the late 1990s, Davis recorded a couple of holiday songs as Lt. Hikaru Sulu from Star Trek, a character previously made famous by George Takei. In each case, the appearance of the word "fire" in the lyrics leads Sulu to launch some kind of attack from the bridge of the Starship Enterprise. The first song to get the Sulu treatment is "Let it Snow," with another to follow as Track 15.

Track 7
Excuse My Christmas, by Jan Terri (2013)
If you've heard any of my previous holiday mixes you're probably familiar with some of my regular guests -- artists like Johnny "Bowtie" Barstow, Red Sovine, and Wing, just to name a few. These are the artists I've featured most prominently on my collections because they're such original characters, and while they may not produce songs as wonderfully memorable as "White Christmas," their stuff is pretty damned memorable for other reasons. (Oops, my bad. Wing's also done her own unique version of "White Christmas," too.) Well, this year we welcome a new member to this inspirational group of artists, and her name is Jan Terri.

The track featured on this year's mix was the first single from Jan's 2011 album The Wild Ones, and it's called "Excuse My Christmas":

Isn't that something? Jan's got quite a following on the internet, and she's produced a pretty amazing collection of very original material n a career that's spanned well over 20 years. She may not be the most glamorous singer out there, and sometimes her lyrics come across as rather simple, but as Paul McCartney once famously observed, "What's wrong with that?"

One of her most outspoken fans is a guy named Chris Canote, who's posted several videos with and about Jan Terri. Frankly, I find him irritating as hell, but it's only due to his in-depth reporting that we know from Jan herself what "Excuse My Christmas" is really about.  Ready?  "I don't know." That's what she says. well, when you really think about it, what else could the answer possibly be?

Finally, in order to give everyone a bit more perspective on Jan's career, I thought I should post what is perhaps her best known record -- the 1991 release "Losing You." This is Jan Terri's "Born to Run," -- her "I Want to Hold Your Hand."  Check it out:

Wow. I mean -- wow! Want to see more?

OK, here's just one more. I want to save some for later, after all. Why? Because Jan's recorded at least one additional Christmas son and I might well choose to put that on a future mix,

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