Friday, November 23, 2012

Ready or Not . . . Here Comes Santa Claus!

I've got three little surprises for anyone who survived "Black Friday" without getting trampled or shot and still has a drop or two of holiday spirit left in them. First, I've rebuilt my holiday music website in honor of the holidays, and the new and improved version is now up and running at the familiar old address: www.marksholidaymixcds.net. Feel free to visit and poke around at your leisure, but don't open any of the closets or look under the beds because the holidays are coming any you never know where presents might be hidden. Second, my latest annual holiday mix -- Here Comes Santa Claus -- is now complete and ready for distribution and you can read all about it on the Latest page on my website. In fact, you can do more than read about it, you can listen to the first ten minutes or so and download a copy of the track list, the artwork for the CD label and jewel box insert and even the contents of the mix in two different formats. Don't wait too long, as the downloads won't be up for long. Finally, this year's mix comes with an alternative mix and a disturbing story, both of which are briefly described on the Home page of the website. I'll share some further info here tomorrow or the next day, but I wanted to at least put it out there that these goodies are now available -- earlier than ever and ready for your enjoyment. I plan to start posting the background on the contents of this year's mix on this upcoming Monday, November 26, and I'll have a note or two to share between now and then. Enjoy, and glad you survived this crazy and miserable Black Friday.

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