Monday, October 28, 2013

Christmas Is on the Horizon!

With Halloween a mere three days away and a most exciting World Series more than half-way through, it's obvious even to me that another Christmas is on the horizon. Greetings from Los Angeles, and here's hoping you've had a wonderful year since we last touched base on January 3. That little nip in the air is our signal that it's time to put out the welcome map and get ready for the 2013 holiday season.

My plan for this year is similar to the one we've used in previous years. I'll post some occasional thoughts between now and Thanksgiving Day, which is when I plan to post this year's holiday mix on my holiday music website at www.MarksHolidayMixCDs.net. From that day on, I'll use this blog to share some background, history and general thoughts about each of the individual tracks on my latest mix. I could start earlier, I suppose, because this year's mix is already done (my hand to God) – but let that be our little secret. If that news were to ever get around, it could destroy that carefully crafted image I've cultivated as a disorganized slacker, and there's no percentage in doing that. In fact, not only is my annual mix complete, but I've got another special bonus mix finished, too, which I'm planning to share sometime within the next week or two. Details to follow here. So, Happy Halloween to one and all. I'm looking forward to spending some time together over the upcoming holiday season!

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