Tuesday, December 30, 2014

All of My Holiday Mixes Are Now Available for Streaming on Mixcloud

Effective immediately, you can now stream any of my holiday mixes on Mixcloud, an online music service that offers a terrific variety of mixes, compilations and other creative audio programming. I've uploaded all 17 of my holiday mixes to the Mixcloud site, and because each one has an embedded track list, you can follow along with each individual track that's played. The site doesn't allow downloading for copyright reasons, but you can listen to whichever mix you fancy anytime.

One of the side benefits of the posting process is that it forced me to take a fresh look at each of the 450+ tracks I've included in previous mixes. Not surprisingly, I found a number of errors in the descriptions attached to various tracks. I've now corrected whatever mistakes I spotted, so I'm hoping my track lists are more accurate than they had been. Thanks for your patience and kind attention.

Visit Mark's Mixcloud page and listen to any or all of the 17 available holiday mixes.

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