Thursday, December 11, 2014

Florin Street Band Has Another Winner

My 2012 holiday mix, Here Comes Santa Clausfeatured a fantastic song by The Florin Street Band called "My Favorite Time of the Year." This group was founded by British composer Leigh Haggerwood for the specific purpose of producing a quality holiday song that captures the joy and wonder of Christmas. They succeeded wonderfully — in fact, the success of their first song prompted Haggerwood to begin writing a Florin Street Christmas musical. He's reportedly completed ten songs for the show, and he's currently working to attract the necessary financing to produce a movie. One song called "Winter Wonder" was completed and released last year in video form, but somehow I've only just recently became aware of it. Here's what Haggerwood has to say about the video:
I don't want to give too much of the story away at this stage, but "The Winter Wonder" is a party that the town's folk decide to put on towards the end of the story. It's been a tough year for them and their love of Christmas and music is reflected in the upbeat, celebratory style of the song. It is purposely very different from "My Favourite Time of Year," as are the rest of the new songs I've written. I felt it was important to try to make another music video to keep the momentum going whilst the musical is developed into a film [or] animation. These things take time so I want the fans to be happy and be able to enjoy the music without giving too much of the story away.
I think it's terrific, and I'm sure hoping Haggerwood manages to get enough funding to do the whole story: 

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