Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Military Wives Top The Christmas Pops

In addition to Boxing Day and the Queen's annual Christmas Message, large numbers of British subjects also observe a third holiday tradition: the annual Christmas afternoon broadcast of Top of the Pops (TOTP)Originally produced as a weekly television show on BBC One, TOTP featured performances of the week's biggest hits based on current record sales figures. When the television version of the show was cancelled and reworked for radio in 2006, the annual Christmas afternoon special was retained, and it remains wildly popular with British viewers. In fact, many families from throughout the Commonwealth apparently gather around the set on Christmas to learn the identity of each year's "Christmas #1." The winner of this year's coveted top spot, announced Sunday afternoon, is "Wherever You Are," performed by the Military Wives Chorus:

This year's battle was hardly a contest at all, as "Wherever You Are" sold over 556,000 copies last week, which is more than the weekly sales totals of the next 12 bestselling records combined. Jolly good!

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