Saturday, December 24, 2011

Some Favorite Songs for Christmas Eve

Tonight is Christmas Eve, and with Santa already making his annual deliveries and good little boys and girls preparing for bed, I thought I'd offer up a few favorite tracks from some of my previous holiday CDs. Fix yourself a mug of your favorite beverage, enjoy the pretty lights on your holiday display, and press whichever titles you wish, below, to hear some classics from the past.

Sleep tight, kids, and be good for at least a little while longer!

Wish List, by Neon Trees

My Gift to You, by Mass Amigos

Santa Came Home Drunk Last Night, by Clyde Lasley and the Cadillac Baby Specials

Lights and Buzz, by Jack's Mannequin

Daddy, Is Santa Really 6'4", by Kay Brown

Happy Birthday, Jesus, by Major Bill Smith and Nancy Nolte

The Night Before Christmas, by George W. Bush

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