Monday, December 2, 2013

Stubby's Reopens to Point Us to Some Wicked Good Free Music!

You may recall that only a couple of weeks ago I was lamenting the demise of one of my favorite holiday music websites, Stubby's House of Christmas. Sadly for us, the proprietor decided to shutter his site for an indefinite period to take a well-deserved break and tend to other business. Well, the significance of that sad decision was underscored over the Thanksgiving weekend when Stubby's reopened its doors temporarily to point hapless folks like me toward a treasure trove of great holiday music now available online for a limited time at no cost.

Check Out Stubby's Suggested Freebies HERE

I'm grateful to "Stubby" for breaking away from the Thanksgiving table to set us straight. I'm also grateful to the good folks at Christmas A Go Go for serving as another great resource for new holiday releases, especially of the underappreciated and indie variety. Nothing new about that, Christmas A Go Go's been doing it for years. Keep an eye on the sites in my "Links" list to the right, folks. None of us is smarter than all of us when it comes to covering the waterfront.

By the way, I completely agree with Stubby's comments about The Rosebuds' wonderful Christmas Tree Island album, which I wrote about last year. It's an astonishing collection of very original music that I played to death in 2012 and yet continue to adore. Regardless of whether or not the free download deadline's expired, pay a visit to Noisetrade and add this one to your collection. It's a bargain at twice the actual list price. (It's also a bargain at twice the free download price, but then that's pretty obvious, isn't it?)

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