Thursday, December 12, 2013

Swedish Power Pop Group Brainpool Reactivates for "The Last Christmas"

I can't claim to have followed the Swedish power pop group Brainpool too closely before they went on hiatus four or five years ago, but if their recently released holiday tune is any indication of what they're capable of doing, I'm glad they're back. The song is called "The Last Christmas," and it's now widely available around the internets, including this pleasant little backwater village you're visiting now:

I hope you like it as much as I do. At first blush, it's a bouncy pop tune that can't help but reel you in with its infectious melody – but listen to the lyrics. The message is anything but festive and pleasant. As much as I love the holidays, and as happy as I am to wrap myself in the glorious escapism they sometimes offer, I'm unable or at least unwilling to suspend disbelief or divorce myself from reality for too long at a time. Too many people will be spending this holiday season in misery for good-hearted people to close our eyes to their plight. I'm confident that each of us in our way manages to assist others in some form or fashion, and hopefully this includes actively opposing some of the unforgivable actions perpetrated in recent years under the pretense of protecting our safety and security.

Purchase "The Last Christmas" on iTunes HERE.

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