Monday, December 6, 2021

Happy Holidays! My 2021 Mix Is Now Available to Prime Your Holiday Pump

Holiday greetings to one and all! I hope you're bearing up after another difficult and challenging year and taking steps to protect and care for yourself and those around you. If you're anything like me, you may feel like you've been on a lengthy emotional rollercoaster. When we first climbed in nearly two years ago, none of us knew where it was going or how long it would last. Few could have predicted the scope of the changes to come or the suffering so many would have to endure. What's clear now is that the ride's been extended into another amusement park altogether where much of the scenery is unfamiliar. Indeed, many aspects what we'd come to see as "normal" life seem to have been permanently altered. Such changes are difficult to accept, especially against a backdrop of increasing divisiveness and fear. But while change is inevitable, I firmly believe we can all have a say in determining the values we want to carry with us into the future. Surely the "holiday spirit" is something worth protecting — so let's remember the joys of previous holidays, celebrate the current ones and carry on!

In this spirit, I've thrown together my 17th annual holiday mix, Be A Santa!, which is now available on my holiday music website. This one contains 37 diverse seasonal songs and other tracks selected to help put you in the holiday spirit and remember some of the joys of previous celebrations. You'll find this mix contains the same kinds of things my previous collections included — genuine holiday favorites, a few upbeat rock originals, celebrity greetings, and enough cringe-worthy monstrosities to make the rest of it sound really good.
As some of you may recall, I started making these mixes to send to friends and family in lieu of traditional holiday cards, and each new mix was prepared and circulated in CD format. In recent years, however, CDs have been all but completely replaced by streaming services to the point where many folks who received my 2020 CD no longer had any way to play it. As a result, we've decided to join the rest of the listening public and share this year's mix exclusively in streaming format. You can hear and download this year's mix by way of the links below.

In previous years this blog offered detailed information about the contents of each year's mix as well as news and comment on other relevant topics. I can't promise to be so prolific this year, but I hope to post some additional material between now and the start of the new year.

My best wishes to all for the holiday season and beyond. It's been fun putting this year's mix together, and I'm looking forward to another happy holiday season. I hope you are, too.

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  1. I watched The Dean Martin Christmas Show for the first time yesterday, so I had to laugh when I saw that the first track was from that. Thanks for posting this!